Mobius SLIP Student User Guide


Now it’s time to React!

You remember that floating Benchmark bar that followed you up and down the page and wouldn’t let you go anywhere without it during the Review phase? Well, its sibling Reaction bar is going to pal around with you for a little bit while you complete your assignment.

Simply read each Critique from your peers. Then, use the numbered SLIP Slider Handles again to rank your peers’ critiques of your work according to criteria that your professor has established. A general rule of thumb is the more helpful the feedback is the higher rank you should give. So, “Good Job”, well, is not helpful and should be ranked lower.



Here is one major tip to help you when giving your Reaction. Sometimes, at first glance you want to rank the most helpful feedback the lowest possible ranking. Why? Because, when you first read it, you do not like it at all. Reread it carefully and if it is well written and gives you tons of helpful pointers to improve your work, then it deserves a higher ranking. Appreciate critical feedback. Do not take it personally, it can really help you improve your work and succeed in this class and in your career. In the professional world, you get criticism. That is just a fact of life. How you take that criticism, and whether it makes you bitter or better sets you apart.

Now, the M-Handle. Here is where you rank your critique against the rest. Did you provide what the instructor was looking for as a critique? Could you have improved on anything? Take all of these factors into consideration and rank yourself on the SLIP Slider Bar.

Click Save_and_Submit and you are done with your Mobius SLIP assignment. There is nothing you need to write during this phase. As always, you can change the Reaction until the due date.

You’re done! Congratulations. Once the assignment officially closes, your Summary Report opens. Go grab some pizza, you deserve it. Oh yeah, you might be wondering about the Discussion Board. Well, grab the pizza and come back to review the Discussion Board section.

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