Flexible and Scalable Application
Scalable for Any Class Size Mobius SLIP is content independent and can be used in any discipline

Any Creative Assignment for Any Class Size

Mobius SLIP handles the logistics and provides the assurance of learning for any kind of creative assignments in a variety of disciplines, such as

  • writing and language arts,
  • visual arts and design,
  • humanities,
  • science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM),
  • business and economics.


Assignments can range from written essays and case analyses to visual artwork, technical designs, financial models and musical compositions. Mobius SLIP works equally well in small and large classes, face-to-face and online. Mobius SLIP is suitable for Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).


Instructors can vary the number of reviewed submissions and choose to make the peer groups anonymous or not and randomized or not. Also, instructors can assign a separate case to each peer group or a common case to the entire class. Instructors can decide on their feedback strategy — to respond to every student, to a targeted group, or to rely strictly on peer-to-peer feedback — whichever approach fits the discipline and teaching philosophy.

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