Privacy Policy

CTASIT™ (DBA Social Learning Solutions™) requires individuals to agree to this Privacy Policy in order to register as users and access its online products, such as the Mobius SLIP™, Double-Loop Mutual Assessment™ (DLMA™), Mobius SLIDE™, and Mobius SLIM™. Mobius SLIP™ users are given access as either students or instructors/facilitators (hereafter referred to as “instructors”). Individuals are not required to register at in order to view general content of, such as the system description and video tutorials.

Data Collection

Social Learning Solutions™/CTASIT™ clearly identifies data that users must provide in order to access and use Mobius SLIP™ and DLMA™ services (hereafter referred to as “registration data”).

To register student users for the purposes of the coursework, an instructor is required to submit the following information:

  • Student first and last names,
  • Student email address (ideally the university-based email),
  • Student personal numeric identifier (e.g. last four digits of the student identification number).

Social Learning Solutions™/CTASIT™ DOES NOT accept or use Social Security Numbers or any other government-granted identifiers in any form. In particular, the use of the last four digits of students’ Social Security Numbers violates state and federal regulations in the USA.

To confirm student user registration, pay the access fee and validate user access to the Mobius SLIP™ academic services, a student is required to submit his/her payment data:

  • First and last names on the credit card,
  • Credit card number, card security code (CSC), and expiration date,
  • Billing address.

Only the last four digits of the credit card number, the last digit of CSC, the expiration date and the billing address are recorded in the database. When users confirm their registration and pay the access fee, they are requested to agree to the terms and conditions of the Privacy and Refund policies.

To retrieve student user access link, in the case the one is lost, a student user is required to submit:

  • First and last names,
  • Student email address.

To register as an instructor, a user is required to submit:

  • First and last names,
  • Academic email address,
  • Name of the academic institution,
  • Department.

In addition, instructors will be asked to provide standard Academic Catalog and Syllabus descriptions to facilitate student enrollment and course management.

Social Learning Solutions™/CTASIT™ also collects data regarding the use of,,, websites, hereafter referred to as “browsing data”. Browsing data collected by Social Learning Solutions™/CTASIT™ includes web-browsing cookies, log files and web beacons. By using the Mobius SLIP™ website, unless otherwise specified by local law or regulations, users agree to the use of cookies for the collection of data. Recent versions of popular web browsers permit users to view and manage cookies. If users choose to block the use of cookies from Mobius SLIP™ website, or do not accept the use of cookies, they may still use the Mobius SLIP™ website. Choosing to do so will limit users’ access to some application functionalities. As most standard web servers, during user visit, the Mobius SLIP™ uses log files and web beacons to automatically collect data regarding the use of the website (e.g., pages visited, files downloaded), as well as system- and security-related data.

Uses of Data and User-generated Content

Social Learning Solutions™/CTASIT™ uses collected registration and browsing data to:

  • Register users of the Mobius SLIP™;
  • Authenticate Mobius SLIP™ users and maintain the security, integrity and quality of our services;
  • Provide the Mobius SLIP™ services including, but not limited to, the direct exchange of content among users, relevant content report to instructor and student users, and relevant quantitative reports to instructor and student users;
  • Prevent plagiarism;
  • Conduct system research. The primary purpose of this research is to improve the Mobius SLIP™ functionality and assess the content being delivered;
  • Conduct academic research. The Mobius SLIP™ application is built on rigorously developed algorithms designed to improve student performance. Data gathered through the system’s use is researched to improve the understanding of this paradigm and ensure its theoretical soundness through the peer-review process;
  • Cooperate with third parties as required by law or in legal proceedings and to detect or prevent fraud and unlawful activity.

All user communications made to or through the Mobius SLIP™ are hereafter referred to as “user-generated content”. The Mobius SLIP™ facilitates direct exchange of user-generated content among student users and between instructor and student users according to the Mobius SLIP™ workflow scheme and criteria determined by instructors. Social Learning Solutions™/CTASIT™ permanently retains copyright to all user-generated content. De-identified user-generated content may be used by Social Learning Solutions™/CTASIT™ for academic research purposes to improve validity and reliability of the output generated by the Mobius SLIP™.

As Mobius SLIP™ is an educational application, researchers may request Social Learning Solutions™/CTASIT™ to facilitate pedagogical research. All research requests must be approved by an Institutional Review Board (IRB) prior to commencing. If such a request is approved, Social Learning Solutions™/CTASIT™ may create and distribute research datasets containing de-identified user data. Such data may include, but is not limited to, all user-generated content processed by the Mobius SLIP™ and all quantitative analytical data generated by the DLMA™. All individual data used in such research will remain strictly confidential unless disclosure is required by law.

The IRB at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG) has determined that participation in such studies poses minimal risk to participants and no informed consent is required. No personal identifiable information will be used in research. Data files will be stored on secure computers. The data collected will be used solely for research purposes and will not be accessed by anyone other than the researchers. Results of the studies will be published in aggregated form without identifying any individuals. By accepting this Privacy Policy, student users indicate their consent to participate in such research subject to privacy restrictions above and verifying that they are over the age of 18.

Data Sharing and Data Security

Social Learning Solutions™/CTASIT™ has a number of key service providers and strategic partners who fulfill services through the Mobius SLIP™ website. Each partner is a subject to strict confidentiality requirements.

Social Learning Solutions™/CTASIT™ is committed to the personal privacy and security of user data and protects it in the following ways:

  • By utilizing security safeguards, incorporated within an enterprise security program and administered by appropriate Social Learning Solutions™/CTASIT™ officials that combine administrative, technical, and physical safeguards over user data and the Mobius SLIP™ to protect user data from loss, unauthorized disclosure, misuse, alteration, or destruction;
  • Transactions at the Mobius SLIP™ website are protected by Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption.

Policy Updates

The Privacy Policy may be updated periodically to comply with changes in relevant regulations, to adhere to industry standards and for increased clarity. Users will be informed of policy updates upon logging into the system.

Last update: September 9, 2014.

Any questions regarding this Privacy Policy should be directed to Social Learning Solutions™/CTASIT™ at

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