Social Learning and Social Norming
Learner's Knowledge and Skills Zone of Proximal Development

Mobius SLIP promotes learning
through social interaction

No longer is each student being assessed by one professor only. Now, professors and students co-create and innovate. Students advance their creativity by being challenged to solve complex problems. They develop their critical thinking through examining and critiquing peers’ solutions and receiving constructive feedback to their own work.


Mobius SLIP teaches students to provide candid assessment and actionable feedback in a self-regulating environment. The simple three-step workflow, over a series of assignments, ensures an effective set of stimuli for students to exert their best effort in both creating solutions and evaluating solutions of others; and reinforces desired behavioral patterns through social norming.


Double-loop social learning encourages students to learn from others, to set personal goals, to internalize their experience and to expand their competency and the Zone of Proximal Development. It boosts their self-awareness and self-efficacy. The double loop also induces fair and thoughtful benchmarking without instructor intervention or moderation. This results in valid and reliable performance metrics.


Mobius SLIP also provides plagiarism prevention and detection mechanism.

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