How It Works

Mobius SLIP is a modern, technology-enabled incarnation of the Socratic Method. This web-based Learning Management System (LMS) facilitates complex assignments and social learning interaction among students, encourages creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration, and delivers advanced performance analytics and assurance of learning.

Mobius SLIP challenges the notion that only formally credentialed instructors are the sole carriers of knowledge and judges of “right” and “wrong”. Instead, it gives students an audience for their creations and challenges them to critique their peers’ solutions. It allows instructors to build environments where ideas, innovations and collegial discourse can flourish and enables them to give students quick and targeted guidance where it is most needed.

Mobius SLIP automatically distributes assignments to students and collects their work. After sharing their creations, students have to evaluate not only their own and their peers’ solutions but also their own and their peers’ critiques.

Each assignment consists of three phases – Submission, Review and Reaction – in which students act as both authors (creators) and reviewers (constructive critics). Mobius SLIP relies on iterative formative and summative peer- and self-assessment to provide students with rich feedback and analysis of their performance. Mobius SLIP does not provide dry and unreliable automated grading. Instead, it relies on double-loop social learning to encourage students to examine work of others, set personal goals, internalize their experience and expand their competency and Zone of Proximal Development. The double loop also induces fair and thoughtful benchmarking.

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