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Why do many college students lack the creative problem solving, critical thinking, communication and collaboration skills needed for success?

The main reason is that conventional assessment methods, such as standardized automated multiple-choice tests, discourage higher-level learning. On the other hand, teachers who face increasing class sizes and less face-to-face interaction with students cannot afford managing and grading manually more interesting complex assignments. A better approach and system are needed… →

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Why do you face risk of being less competitive when you graduate and begin your career?

The main reason is that reading a textbook and taking multiple-choice tests does not make you a creative problem solver, a critical thinker and an effective communicator. To master these skills you need challenging and complex assignments, and a lot of feedback. However, teachers who deal with large classes are overloaded and simply cannot afford to give enough attention to your ideas and work. You need a new way of learning that would help you unleash your creativity, hone your critical thinking and practice communication skills… →

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Why doesn’t today’s education system respond to the needs of contemporary workplace?

The main reason is that with conventional teaching and assessment methods students are trained to be data containers rather than problem solvers. Many of them lack creativity, critical thinking and effective communication skills. Yet attempts to promote these skills and improve quality of education fail because the rising demand for skilled workers and professionals, growing student population and the pressure to keep education costs at bay lead to increasing class sizes and less face-to-face interaction between instructors and students. Managing interesting and complex assignments and providing actionable feedback to students has become prohibitively expensive. Something has to change in how students are taught and assessed. A new solution to promote creativity, critical thinking and communication is needed… →

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  • The George Washington University
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