About Company

Social Learning Solutions, founded in 2012 as Complex Task Assessment Solutions and Information Technology (CTASIT) LLC in Greensboro, North Carolina, develops and markets social and peer-to-peer learning information systems.


We are dedicated to advancing students’ creativity and critical thinking, empowering faculty, and making assessment more meaningful.


Colleges and universities adapt effectively to current market trends without sacrificing their core mission: to graduate students who are creative problem-solvers, strong communicators, and competent citizens.


21st Century Readiness for Every Student
Creativity and Free Thinking
Learning and Discovery


Eric Ford, MPH, Ph.D., Founder, Vision and Strategy
Dmytro Babik, Ph.D., Founder, Research and Development, Finance
Alexey Babik, MS, Founder, Technology Design and Architecture
DJ Watt, BBA, Sales, Marketing and CRM
Nancy Savino, BA, Instructional Designer and Technical Support Specialist
Kevin Kane, MA, Executive Consultant, Strategic Partnerships

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If you have a general question about Mobius SLIP, please email to info@mobiusSLIP.com or post a comment to our blog.

For technical assistance, please email to support@mobiusSLIP.com.

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