Refund Policy

Social Learning Solutions™/CTASIT™ develops web-based solutions and services that we use in our own courses and have satisfied customers worldwide. When you buy our services, your purchase is covered by our seven-day no-use money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase we will issue a full refund. To
request a refund, please contact us at within seven days of your purchase. Include your purchase receipt (emailed to you after ordering) and a brief reason for requesting the refund. With the refund, your name will be removed from the class roster and any coupons issued with your payment will be cancelled. The refund cannot be provided, if you completed any element of an assignment or past the seven-day period after the purchase. The coupons are not refundable.

Any questions regarding this Refund Policy should be directed to Social Learning Solutions™/CTASIT™ at

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