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Why do you face risk of being less competitive when you graduate and begin your career? The main reason is that reading a textbook and taking multiple-choice tests does not make you a creative problem solver, a critical thinker and an effective communicator. To master these skills you need challenging and complex assignments, and a lot of feedback. However, teachers who deal with large classes are overloaded and simply cannot afford to give enough attention to your ideas and work. You need a new way of learning that would help you unleash your creativity, hone your critical thinking and practice communication skills.

How can you do better? A simple solution many have proposed is to have students grade each other’s work. This solution is problematic for three reasons. First, why should you spend time on something that instructor has to do without getting anything in return? Second, how can the instructor make sure your feedback adds value? And it is not fun. A better learning environment is where students can challenge and help each other create and grow.

What is Mobius SLIP? It creates such environment for you. It is not a boring and simplistic peer grading. Rather, it is a double-looped social learning network that helps you, with your effort, to become a better problem solver and communicator. It lets your work to be evaluated by many people, not just your instructor. You receive feedback from multiple perspectives to improve your work. You also learn to provide feedback and help others to do better. Your progress is presented to you in detailed and fun way. You may take the portfolio of your creative work to your job interview and show why you are a great and competitive candidate.

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