Mobius SLIP Student User Guide

Current User Registration

You are here because you already have an account and you want to enroll in a new course, right? Well, then let’s get started.

1) So, you have your self-enrollment code from your instructor ready to be entered? Now, go to and enter your username (your college email) and your password. Click Sign In

Sign In


By the way, if you are here because you were told you already have an account, but at the same time you don’t have the slightest idea what your password is, then clickIDK my password. This will redirect you to a page that allows you to enter your email address and reset your password using an email sent to you.

2) Now, that you are successfully logged in, you should be on the My Courses page. Click Enroll In Another Course

2) Enter your Self-enrollment code and click Find Course.

3) The page should display your course’s title, instructor, and description. Verify that those are correct and click Complete Enrollment. If not, click Cancel, confirm your Self-enrollment code and repeat Step 3.

You are now enrolled. See the Payment Information section for directions on how to pay for your course.

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