Three Things Students Hate about Online Learning and Rightfully So

Online learning has many advantages as well as disadvantages. Today we are going to discuss the disadvantages and why they are valid.

Online Learning

Missing or Disengaged Professors:

“Where is my professor?” is a frequent question when it comes to online learning. Students in online classes sometimes feel their professors are not particularly interested in them or their success in the course they are taking. This can leave students with a nasty taste in their mouth when it comes to online learning.

The Fear of The Crash:

Students in online learning classes are always wondering if their web interface will crash. If the course website crashes students are left wondering what is next. This is a terrible feeling when you have assignments due and not being able to access the web page.

Lack of Communication During Group Assignments:

During an online class students are asked to work in groups more times than not. Most students dislike group work to begin with and even more so when it comes to online learning. Many students take online courses because of geographical reason so they are not able to meet up with a group to discuss work making it that much harder to communicate.

With Mobius SLIP students are put at ease even when working in groups. They don’t know who their group members are therefore wouldn’t be able to meet anyway and their grades are not affected by other member’s lack of communication.

What do you dislike about online classes?